College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Majors Only
Please download the Request to Change Final Examination form, complete and save PDF, get signatures, and upload the completed form into the bottom of this form.
DEADLINE: See Registrar's Website
NOTE: This form should only be used for changing exams due to 3 or more within a 24 hour period or exam conflicts.
Neither the academic dean’s office nor the instructor will allow an exam change due to travel, business, or family plans.
Please do not ask.
1. Complete and upload the form into the portal at CALS Student Forms. Provide all requested information. Both you and the instructor must sign form before it is submitted for academic dean’s approval. Late forms will NOT be accepted!
2. For three exams scheduled to begin within 24 hours, you may change one; for four exams scheduled to begin within 24 hours, youmay change two. All exams must be taken during final exam week.
NOTE: From exam beginning time one day to the same time the next day does not constitute a 24-hour period. (EX. 7:45 Monday, 2:00 Monday, and 7:45 Tuesday).
3. An instructor may agree to allow you to take your exam with another section of the same course or to reschedule at a time convenient to you both. Have the approving instructor(s) sign in the appropriate place below.
4. Common time exams cannot be rescheduled.
5. An email will be sent to the instructor(s) involved upon approval.

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